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PS-11-I2 NID POTS Splitter

NID POTS Splitter

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The Wilcom PS-11 ADSL2+ POTS Splitter is a passive low-pass filter designed to provide POTS service in concert with ADSL technology. The device blocks high frequency (20kHz- >2.2MHz) energy from interfering with POTS equipment. The PS-11 employs a low-pass filter for standard voice-grade lines.

The Wilcom PS-11-I2 POTS Splitter is unique because of its convenient mounting location inside the Network Interface Device (NID). The PS-11 is similar in size to a standard station protector and mounts on the Telco side inside the Network Interface Device. The terminal strip allows for easy installation so the installer can simply connect the existing premise wiring to the PHONE terminals on the splitter, and have POTS service up and running within minutes without expensive, and time-consuming rewiring. ATU-R terminals connect directly to the ADSL equipment with existing cable. (Data-grade cabling is recommended for new installations.)

Product Description
ADSL2+ CPE POTS Splitter for NID box mounting
Model Part Number Price
PS-11 30011012 $34.99

  • Compatible with ADSL coding schemes
    The PS-11 POTS Splitter is compatible with all ADSL
    coding schemes

  • Meets ANSI T1.413 -1998 & ITU-T G.992.1/.2
    The PS-11 Master POTS Splitter is compliant with the requirements of both ANSI T1.413-1998 Annex E; ITU-T G.992.1/G.992.2 Annex E.2 Type 2 (North America) & G.992.5 (ADSL2+)

  • Designed to TR-127
    The Splitter is designed to be compliant with the Broadband Forum's Technical Report 127, Issue 1.

  • Passive Low Pass Filter
    Passive filter design for continuous phone service in the event of an AC power failure

  • Unique Footprint
    The PS-11 is similar in size to a standard station protector allowing direct installation into a wide variety of manufactured Network Interface Devices.

  • Convenient Mounting
    The PS-11 POTS Splitter is unique because of its convenient mounting location in the Telco side of the Network Interface Device.

  • Unlimited ADSL Bandwidth
    Full bandwidth allocation as compared to a "micro-filter".

This equipment complies with Part 68 of the FCC rules and the requirements adopted by the ACTA.

PS-32 NID-mount VDSL2 POTS Splitter
VDSL2 POTS Splitter specially designed to conveniently mount inside the Network Interface Device NID-mount VDSL2 POTS Splitter

PS-15 Wall-mount POTS Splitter
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