Founded in 1967 by William B. Wilkens

Headquartered in the heart of New Hampshire's scenic Lakes Region, 90 miles north of Boston. One toll-free number reaches our two regional sales offices:
800-222-1898. Or e-mail

Dennis McCarthy

Vice President and C.F.O.:
John Helenek

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Wilcom has been manufacturing reliable, easy-to-use telephone line test equipment and transmission products since 1967. Our products include one-of-a-kind optical fiber testers and hard-to-find telecommunication test sets.

Telephone, CATV, and LAN industries use Wilcom devices for much more than testing, maintaining and installing networks. We also offer a full range of transmission repeaters, line-powered amplifiers and loop extenders.

Wilcom believes in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. More than 95% of our revenue comes from repeat business. Our expanding base of international and domestic distributors and manufacturer's representatives extends to the Pacific Rim, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

DSL service providers including ILECs, CLECs, RBOCs, and independent telephone companies. Stocking distributors, and users of test equipment for all aspects of voice, data, digital and fiber optic communications worldwide. Increased emphasis being placed on DSL service providers, and video deployment.

Test equipment product lines include hand-held test equipment for copper loops and fiber optics, and DSL components such as CO, CPE, ADSL and VDSL POTS splitters.

Wilcom maintains and updates a complete testing lab which incorporates a unique "cable farm" of outside and inside twisted pair cabling, allowing real-world testing of applications such as video over ADSL.

State-of-the-art test facilities
Active quality assurance programs
ISO-9001:2015 Certificate

For policies on waste disposal and manufacturing products with
lead-free components, click here.