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FR2 Optical Fault Locator

Optical Fault Locator

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The Wilcom FR2 Optical Fault Locator is a rugged, lightweight, hand-held , easy-to-use optical fault locator for multimode and singlemode applications. Using OTDR ( Optical Time Domain Reflectometer ) technology, the FR2 is designed to pinpoint faults in optical cable, that can be over 20 kilometers away, with amazing accuracy. The FR2 operates at the industry standard wavelength of 1310nm, and can display the distance to the fault in meters or feet.

Useful applications for the FR2 include testing: Wide Area Networks (WANs), telecommunication spans of up to 20 kilometers, Fiber-to-the-Curb, installation and maintenance of multimode and singlemode fiber cabling, and Military systems. The FR2 is an excellent tool for locating faulty connectors, end-of-fiber, and breaks in multimode and singlemode fiber cable.

The FR2 has been designed with the user in mind with easy to use features. It has a large easy to read LCD display, and a single measure push-button for activating the unit's measure operation. The Index of Refraction (IOR) is user selectable with a single push-button. The FR2 will display the distance to an event (fault) in either feet or meters. The FR2 has the ability to detect up to seven multiple events with the push of a single button.

Product Description
Fiber Ranger Optical Fault Locator FC
Model Part Number Price
FR2 30000201 $2,495.00

Product Description
Fiber Ranger Optical Fault Locator ST
Model Part Number Price
FR2 30000202 $2,495.00

Product Description
Fiber Ranger Optical Fault Locator SC
Model Part Number Price
FR2 30000203 $2,495.00

  • Multiple Events
    The FR2 Fiber Ranger has the ability to measure up to seven events. Each event can be displayed in feet or meters.

  • Singlemode and Multimode Operation
    Time and cost savings with one unit which can be used for singlemode and multimode fiber cable testing.

  • Single Key Operation
    Ease of operation is provided for by single key entry. Easy to use and easy to operate. No tedious learning curve as associated with mini-OTDRs.

  • Economical
    The FR2 is a fraction of the size, weight, and cost of a mini-OTDR.

  • Battery Operated for Field Use
    Don't get stuck away from the truck with dead batteries; your AA batteries last longer, and our low battery annunciator is an early warning system that gives you plenty of time.

  • Hand-Held
    The FR2 is a light weight , hand-held, rugged optical fault locator, with a large easy to read LCD display.

F6230A Pen-style Visual Fault Locator
Uses a 635nm laser providing visibility to 5 km. Pen-style Visual Fault Locator

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