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The Wilcom FR4 is a lightweight, handheld, fast and easy-to-use Optical Time Domain Reflectometer with core functions required to measure optical fiber from one end during installation, repair and verification. This unit is ideal for field and maintenance of new or existing fiber networks.

The mini-OTDR is very fast, producing a scan within one second of pressing the scan button. It also features an easy to use Zoom function that enables the user to observe the entire link, or zoom in on defects.This unit is available in multimode or singlemode with single, dual, tri, or quad wavelengths making it ideal for LAN, Metro or Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) applications.

Each unit is capable of measuring splice loss, link attenuation and distance. The singlemode and or multimode output port(s) use high powered pulsed lasers. The QVGA monochrome display provides a powerful yet simple set of fiber parameters and control indications to view an entire fiber link or zoom in and analyze a splicing point or a defect in the fiber.The display shows fiber loss versus distance in its large central graph as well as individual and dual cursor measurements, and important instrument parameters such as Index of Refraction, pulse width, scanning speed, and a battery gauge.

The FR4 is a full-function Certifying OTDR when used with the Certification Software. View and store traces in the field, then download traces to a PC for further analysis and printing of the certifying documents.

Product Description
OTDR, Multimode, Single Wavelength 850nm
Model Part Number Price
FR4-850 30040020-01 $2,215.00

Product Description
OTDR, Multimode, Single Wavelength 1300nm
Model Part Number Price
FR4-1300 30040030-01 $2,215.00

Product Description
OTDR, Singlemode Single Wave Length 1310nm
Model Part Number Price
FR4-1310 30040040-01 $2,215.00

Product Description
OTDR, Singlemode Single Wave Length 1500nm
Model Part Number Price
FR4-1550 30040050-01 $2,215.00

Product Description
OTDR, Multimode, Dual Wavelength 850/1300nm
Model Part Number Price
FR4-8513 30040060-01 $3,000.00

Product Description
OTDR, Singlemode. Dual Wavelength 1310/1550
Model Part Number Price
FR4-1315 30040070-01 $3,000.00

Product Description
OTDR, Singlemode/Multimode, Quad Wave Length 850/1300/1310/1550nm
Model Part Number Price
FR4-QUAD 30040080-01 $5,000.00

F6230A Pen-style Visual Fault Locator
Uses a 635nm laser providing visibility to 5 km. Pen-style Visual Fault Locator

F6222 Enhanced Optical Fiber Identifier
Designed for the specific needs of the Telecom industry. Enhanced Optical Fiber Identifier

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