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F6230A Pen-style Visual Fault Locator

Pen-style Visual Fault Locator

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Model F6230A is a compact, pencil-style Visual Fault Locator (VFL) that features a 2.5mm universal connector for ST, FC and SC connectors. An adapter is available for use with LC connectors. Operation on a single 1.5V AA alkaline battery keeps the overall size and weight to a minimum while providing long battery life.

This valuable tool is one that all installers and maintenance personnel should have in their tool kit. It is the most economical test tool for quickly verifying continuity of patch cables before or after installation. Also, easily test for breaks in installed fibers, verify short fiber lengths, look for broken or damaged fiber in splice cases, bad connectors and tight crimps or bends.

The F6230A features a choice of continuous or modulated (flashing) output and an ultra bright red (637nm) laser which will illuminate fibers up to 8 km.

The flashing output can be used to highlight the fiber under test even if it is mixed in with many others in a confined splice case or conduit.

Product Description
Pen Light style VFL 650nm
Model Part Number Price
F6230A 30623085 $317.00

Product Description
Adapter for 1.25mm ferrule
Model Part Number Price
VFL-Adapter 30032232-01 $110.00

  • Low-Cost and Streamline
    The F6230A is a low-cost, streamline basic fiber test tool which is easy to handle and easy to store.

  • Singlemode and Multimode Operation
    Find breaks, bad splices, tight crimps, poor components, and bad connections.

  • Optical Output Port
    The F6230A features a universal connector which can accept any 2.5 mm ferrule such as ST, SC, FC.

  • LED Indicators
    The F6230A provides LED indicators for active Laser mode ( continuous or modulated ), and Low Battery.

  • Single AA Battery
    The F6230A uses one AA Alkaline battery for convenience.

  • Pocket Clip
    The F6230A comes with a handy pocket clip for easy storage.

Compact, easy- to-use OTDR Mini-OTDR

FR2 Optical Fault Locator
Can pinpoint faults in optical cable over 20 km away, with amazing accuracy. Optical Fault Locator

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