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With speeds above 24 million bits per second., we're testing Multiple MPEG-2 video streams with data over ADSL and ADSL2+.

We have the instruments in place to measure details such as packet loss, packet delay, jitter, rate reach and more. We've opened our lab to a select group of partners and customers who test their equipment here, too.

We have over 7.6 km (4.7 miles) of 25 pair copper on the roof selctable in 1 Kft increments! We use real outside plant cable, not cable simulators.

Video/DSL Test Lab

Test and measure video over DSL in a real-world environment

Video over DSL over IP opens huge opportunities for the telecom industry. By offering the Big Three - voice, data and video - copper-wire companies can exercise their advantage over competing media.

But before rollout, you need to test. And test again.

And no simulated condition compares to the real thing - over 20,000 feet of twisted pair, ready and waiting at Wilcom's New Hampshire test facility. The cable is arranged to allow testing between 1 kft to 20 kft in 1 kft increments.

A complete testing facility from the test and measurement leader

At Wilcom, we've built a laboratory in which we test video over DSL over Internet protocol. We can demonstrate customers getting multiple video signals as they surf the Internet. Rate reach performance can be determined using same or mixed loop lengths of real copper.

Imagine the problems you could avoid with the right tests. Can you attain target speeds? And get them with occupation levels as high as they can be in a city? Without interference between signals? These are critical questions that can make the difference between a happy customer and a technical service nightmare.

Write or call for details

Whether you want to test existing equipment or develop new capabilities, Wilcom's test lab is the place to do it. You won't find a more completely equipped, cost-effective facility anywhere.

For details, call Wilcom at (603) 524-2622 or, toll free in the United States, 800-222-1898. Or e-mail us.