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T339-02 STD Metal Case Power Meter

STD Metal Case Power Meter

The T339-02 STD Metal Case Power Meter is designed to measure optical power of LEDs or laser diodes with their associated cables. However, the T339- 02 enables extremely low level measurements with excellent accuracy. The unit offer measurements in dBm only at 1300 & 1550nm. Measurements are made using patch cords. The unit works well with either singlemode or multimode fibers.

Measurements are made by mating the system connector or fiber to be tested to the RECEIVE port of the T339-02 Optical Power Meter. Interfacing problems have been eliminated by the use of universal adapters. The adapters permit direct connection of a variety of the commonly used connectors of several manufacturers. Bare fiber adapters are also available.

The T339-02 Optical Power Meter is powered by two readily available 9 volt batteries. The exclusive "Auto Off" feature extends the useful battery life and prevents accidental discharge of the batteries. Battery life is approximately 50 hours of continuous operation.

The test set is housed in a strong, lightweight metal case, built for long life under severe field operating conditions. The T339-02 comes equipped with a cover designed to store additional adapter caps.

Product Description
Model Part Number Price Quantity
T339-02 30339022 $895.00

  • Singlemode and Multimode Applications
    Time and cost savings with one power meter for multiple wavelengths. One test set for all your power and link loss testing.

  • 60 dB of Dynamic Range (T-339-01B/C)
    65 dB of Dynamic Range (T-339-02)

    A wide dynamic range that covers a variety of multimode and singlemode applications.

  • Rugged Metal Case
    The T-339 series of power meters are housed in a ruggedized hand held weather resistant metal case for durability.

  • Hand-Held, Battery Operated for Field Use
    Don't get stuck away from the truck with a dead meter; your batteries last longer, and our low battery enunciator is an early warning system that gives you plenty of time.

  • Auto Off
    Each unit includes the exclusive "Auto Off" feature which extends the useful battery life and prevents accidental discharge of the batteries.

  • Single Button Operation
    Power on operation is provided by momentary single push button.

T339C CATV Metal Case Power Meter
Measures the optical power of LEDs or laser diodes CATV Metal Case Power Meter

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